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June 23rd, 2012 | by mihai |

ICI Liaison Network

The International Cooperation Initiative’s Liaison Network is getting underway. We are pleased to announce that the following colleagues have begun to serve as members of the Liaison Network. They will contribute to furthering two-way communication between scholars in their countries and ICI in order to facilitate greater collaboration:

Argentina: Juan Manuel Tebes
Brazil: Marcos Paulo Monteiro da Cruz Bailao
Cameroon: Ernest van Eck
Caribbean: Garnett Roper
Central Africa Republic: Joseph Nzita Mavinga
China: Jeremiah Meng
Croatia: Igor Lorencin
Czech Republic: Jan Roskovec
Estonia: Thomas Richard Kämmerer
India: David Joy
Indonesia: Martin Harun
Malaysia: Kar-Yong LIM
Pacific Islands: Younis Sadiq Masih
Peru and Bolivia: Teofilo Correa
Poland: Lukasz Niesiolowski-Spano
Romania: Mihai Valentin Vladimirescu
Russia: Valeriy Alikin
South Africa: Jaqueline (Jackie) du Toit
Ukraine: Taras Khomych

Tim Langille is working on establishing the Liaison Network. SBL members in ICI countries for which there is already a member in the Liaison Network are still encouraged to contact Tim to volunteer to further ICI and its goals. SBL members in all countries are asked to suggest colleagues in ICI countries who might be willing to participate in this initiative. The goal of the Liaison Network is to establish open lines of communication that will promote awareness of the resources and opportunities made available through the ICI to scholars, teachers, and students and to communicate and develop an awareness of the scholarly work done in ICI countries. The full list of ICI countries can be accessed here.

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